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Business Process Outsourcing is simply a fancy way of saying that a company does not invent or constuct the wheels for its products. Every business has operations (or processes) with requirements which would be best solved by sending the project to the experts either outside or brought in from outside. With Information Technology now being the main part of any business in either managing or operating - BPO or ITO (Information Technology Outsourcing), when BPO is applied to IT sector, has become a major service sector for Business to Business services.

CAD outsourcing - From quality point of view, CAD is the premier example of ITO. As all the blemishes in design are out there to be seen in the drawings.

From the security point of view, if you have sensitive drawings then we can devise schemes to counteract the risk depending on your demands - we can split the batch into random groups and assign them to different designers or we can fragment the total CAD work into smaller pieces and farm them to different offshore firms.


Gates Mectrol - Web application

Software Development & Database Design

One element of our business requires a component selection from a "library" of over 1,500 styles. Until this year, customers had to search through a 200+ page catalog to find the appropriate shape. Sometimes, after completing the search...


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