Case Study 6 - Search Engine Optimization SEO

The client, an online seller of NASCAR related merchandise, wants to improve his natural search engine listing for Google and Yahoo so that he could reduce the marketing budget he has for PPC, Pay Per Click, advertising.

Onsite Consultation

We discussed the package which will be suitable for - our conclusion was that six month complete SEO package would be best - afterwords if the client was happy with the position of organic search engine listing then he would continue with monthly extension for maintaining the pagerank and search engine listing.

NauTech will provide the following services to

  • Keyword Research - to find the best keywords to target
  • Website Analysis - recommendation for title, description, keyword metatags and other tags in the text of the web pages
  • Directory Submission
  • One way links - to target the top keywords on offsite pages
  • Articles - ghost writer to create and provide rich article content and submit to appropriate forums
  • Reciprocal links - to with relevant websites
  • Consultation - during the SEO period, provide regular consultation and advise on making improvements

SEO results during the First month

  • Pages from the websites have started to appear on all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN
  • For some keywords - NASCAR clothes and NASCAR merchandise - listing are appearing on the first 3 pages of Google and Yahoo

SEO results during the Second month

  • SERP results for MSN search engine show it on first page for 2 of the targeted keyphrases NASCAR clothes and NASCAR merchandise.
  • Website content and coding - we have improved the title and descriptions tags to correctly reflect the content of the website and also improved the visual presentation for online customers

SEO results during the Third month

  • NauTech improved the Page Rank of in Google Search engine to 3. The Pagerank value represents the standing of website amongst the other websites and falls in the range of 0 to 10. Before NauTech started the SEO project for, it had a rating of 0 now it has reached a very respectable value of 3.
  • SERP results for Google search engine show it on first page for 2 of the targeted keyphrases NASCAR clothes and NASCAR merchandise - a major performance breakthrough - and client really appreciates it.

SEO results during the Fourth month

SEO results during the Fifth month

SEO results during the Sixth month

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