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Okoban - PhP programming and Joomla multi language CMS development

Travel Sentry has used the services of Sunil Nautiyal and Nautech since August 2008.

Specifically, Nautech has developed for Travel Sentry a complete PhP applications suite to support the launch of our new Okoban system. Since then we have expanded the responsibilities of Nautech to include the Joomla CMS implementation, maintenance and support.

Sunil and his team have been very responsive to our requirements and have serveral times gone above and beyond to resolve issues outside of "normal" working hours and days. Overall the technical robustness of the applications developed for us by NauTech has been excellent.

We are currently expanding our working relationship with Nautech to encompass even more of our IT support and development work. Overall we are very pleased with the support of Sunil and his team. Please feel free to contact me for further details or information.

John Vermilye
CEO, Travel Sentry

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Gates Mectrol - Web application

Software Development & Database Design

One element of our business requires a component selection from a "library" of over 1,500 styles. Until this year, customers had to search through a 200+ page catalog to find the appropriate shape. Sometimes, after completing the search...


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