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One element of our business requires a component selection from a "library" of over 1,500 styles. Until this year, customers had to search through a 200+ page catalog to find the appropriate shape. Sometimes, after completing the search...



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NauTech IT Solutions, LLC, with offices in Nashua and Bedford, New Hampshire(NH) is a leading provider of complete web solutions in New England region. We maintain expertise in providing customized websites, developing online web applications, creating iPhone apps, developing and maintaining multi-language and multi-platform website solutions, managing internet marketing campaigns, creating eCommerce websites, providing Content Management solutions, as well as data entry and data migration and 2D to 3D CAD conversion.

NauTech IT Solutions, LLC works on Dual Shore Outsourcing model - providing best onshore IT consultancy and design coupled with cost-effective offshore software development. NauTech was established in 2004 to provide Business Outsourcing Solutions to small to mid sized companies. Dr. Sunil Nautiyal, founder of company, based his business model to provide the benefits of outsourcing and cater for needs of small to mid sized companies which were being neglected by big outsourcing companies. NauTech is dedicated to serving the companies that do not have the time and money to research offshore avenues for outsourcing, but are in dire need to save on the cost.

NauTech IT Solutions, LLC has 6 years of experience in providing outsourcing solutions - we have the expertise, the experience, a wide range of solutions in our portfolio to prove that we can undertake a wide range of projects. We have a number of successful clients with testimonials to prove it and who are willing to give referral for services we have provided. Nautech stands behind its values to provide quality service and guarantees that the quality and value we provide is best in business.
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